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Well, it’s happened. We found our mimosa tree.

Consider this for a moment.

You deliver a service… extremely well, of course. Your customer pays you… right on time, of course. In a perfect world, sure. But, what if they don’t? Are you going to give them a call? Maybe you should email first, or sms, be non-confrontational. What if it’s more than one customer? How much time and stress are we looking at here?

Maybe you’re ahead of the game, maybe you’re already collecting regular payments from your customers via debit order or credit card payment, through us, of course. But, what if the payments are declined or reversed? Are you going to give them a call? What if it’s month two or three or more and they’re still not paying? Well, you could write it off and lose a customer, but is that your best option?

What if a team of highly trained professionals, used a very effective 3-step system to contact your customers whose payments are outstanding? That is, what if someone made contact with these particular customers to rectify the situation on your behalf?

On that note, behold, our mimosa tree. We are so pleased to announce that Three Peaks has acquired an interest in an already established business called DebtLegal, which is now a subsidiary company in the group. They moved in to our offices at the end of last year. DebtLegal’s tried and trusted system (as well as their attitude and approach to debt collection) fits well into our business thinking and strategy.

This means you have a fully-fledged debt collection provider available to you now. We can deliver professional and effective control over your bad debt. Within 24 hours of passing us their relevant information, we will have contacted the appropriate customers by the best means for them, arranging for a catch up of the outstanding debt.

The Three Peaks debt collection process gives your customers three chances to bring their affairs into order. If this does not happen, formal debt collection processes may follow at your discretion. From soft collections right up to late stage collections, we will handle it.

This is all done from one provider! A Total Billing Solution.

We’d like to thank our little beetle for the inspiration.

I know what you’re thinking:  …well of course, that makes good sense.

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