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Dealing with Three Peaks was an absolute pleasure.

By October 16, 2016April 30th, 2019Testimonials

Thank you to Gaylene and her team in recovering an amount that had been outstanding almost 10 months.

Despite numerous phone calls, emails, sms’s and promises to pay, I finally lost patience with this customer and handed him over to an attorney for collection of the outstanding debt.
The customer continued to evade making payment, and as it was not a large amount of money, it did not seem to be a high priority for the attorney.
Being a small company, not getting paid is personal, stressful and time-consuming.

Dealing with Three Peaks was an absolute pleasure.
One simple email to Gaylene at Three Peaks Payment House and the full outstanding amount was paid into our account a week later.
Having Three Peaks Payment House take care of the outstanding debt also enabled me to preserve my personal relationship with the customer.

Three Peaks Payment House handled the matter efficiently and professionally with immediate results.

I would definitely recommend Three Peaks as I intend to use them for any future debt order collection challenges.

Earle Botha


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