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Testimonial: Alice Leah | Three Peaks | Debit order collection

By July 8, 2015January 3rd, 2016Testimonials

Alice Leah – Owner and Editor of Mums Mail magazine shares a testimonial on the Three
Peaks debit order system.

Hi, I am Alice the owner and editor of Mums Mail magazine. For the past 8 years, I have had the pleasure of dealing with Three Peaks.

They are my debit bureau management company and I found out about Three Peaks after going to a talk at KZN Women in Business. Debbie Jones was the speaker and I was quite impressed by what she had to say.

I didn’t actually realise that there was something called a debit order bureau, I was quite green in those days of early business. I thought that only banks could do debit order bureaus for you, so I was quite excited at the prospect of her collecting money on my behalf and just paying lump sums into my account every month.

So, I naturally didn’t shop around for any other debit order bureaus, I only went with Three Peaks because I was very impressed by Debbie’s honesty, professionalism and she obviously had a very good way of working; her business was running very successfully.

In terms of rates, again, there was no need to shop around because I found that they were very, very affordable and its very reassuring each month to have those four lump sums coming into my account every month. Very reliable and trustworthy, and the nice thing about Three Peaks is that their debit order system is so flexible. I can change amounts every month, I can do once-off debit orders; it doesn’t have to be a standing thing that runs for 12 months at a time, so I really appreciate the flexibility.

And, Three Peaks probably handles on average probably more than 100 transactions for my clients every month and its really nice to have that bulk sum coming into my account at least 4 times a month.

So, thank you Three Peaks, I will gladly refer you to any of my clients, as I do on a regular basis.