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We are an entirely social species, and as tribal it may sound, we ultimately value most the things that are seen as important in our communities and society. For example, a recent Swedish study found that organic coffee actually tastes better than conventional coffee, when people evaluated the taste of coffee from two cups with different labels but exactly the same content. That is largely because our cultural values imbue wholly our personal experiences.

In the context of business, this means no company, brand, platform or product possesses any inherent value – but they all can become invaluable when their actions and meanings are resonating well with the world.

We are venturing into a platform era where network effects dominate, algorithms do things on our behalf, objects are connected and data is everywhere. Transformational companies like Uber or AirBnB use these and other clever building blocks to create superior value systems that redefine the landscape. However, sometimes good old emotional benefits are lost as the platform scales.

At Three Peaks, we are continually looking to raise customer experience, emotions and meaning as key business drivers alongside technology and expertise. In our own networked value system, we still look to create value with smaller, more personal interactions which we believe resonate well with our world.

On that note, I’d like to introduce you to someone who I wholeheartedly believe can provide that personal value. She compliments our Short-Term Insurance team. Give her an opportunity to improve on the value that you’re receiving for your short-term insurance needs. Meryl Oliver has been advising clients for over 20 years in the short-term space, you won’t regret it.


Please could you convey our appreciation to Meryl for the wonderful and efficient manner she handled our latest claim. It is so refreshing to see a person with such a passion for her work and her clients. Meryl has really gone the extra mile for us.
– Andre and Trudi-Lee –

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