Introduction to who you are?

JTandA are a specialist SETA Accreditation assistance business based in Durban, South Africa.

Why did you choose Three Peaks?

One of the main reasons I joined Three Peaks was because from the moment I started working together with Debbie Jones, I quickly realized that our existing bookkeeper was not performing the task I understood to be of vital importance.  Debbie showed me the bigger picture!

The thought that I had little idea on what was really happening with regards to tax and that I had not sat down with her to discuss the future so that changes on either the budget, tax expenses, allocations could perhaps be changed before the annual financial year end was imperative instead of waiting to find out that the tax was due already.

Does Three Peaks add value to your business?

Debbie has exposed me to the importance of a bookkeeper/accountant and more importantly the vital role to the owner and the very important need for streamlining further with the Three Peaks cash-flow management tool.

Since signing up our clients on debit orders our cash flow has started being more consistent and this has helped us immensely in our financial planning.

Would you be happy to refer Three Peaks to your clients?

I can highly recommend Three Peaks to any business who requires sound financial advice on systems.

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