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Debitsure Online – It’s here, finally!!

By April 16, 2015January 3rd, 2016Articles

After badgering our developers every morning for the last few weeks, they have finally come back to us with the go-ahead on our innovative and user friendly web portal. We’re so excited to announce that the time has arrived where you, our customers, are now able to manage your debit orders via a user-friendly web interface. What this means to you is LESS ADMIN and MORE CONTROL.

Innovation is the life blood to any business but this project has taught us that implementing innovative ideas is one thing but the importance of maintaining flexibility cannot be overlooked. Some ideas that weren’t present at the start only revealed themselves when we allowed the creative process to take the lead. The portal started with one door in mind & now we have two:

i-Manage is best suited for those companies that would rather manage their own submissions. If this is the case, simply login to comprehensively manage your debtor’s information and submit batches instead of using Excel spreadsheets.

u-Manage is best suited for those companies that would rather we continue to manage their submissions. If this is the case, simply login & upload your file.

Debitsure OnlineWhilst the benefits of online submission are endless, here are our top 5:

  1. Login from anywhere at any time and manage your debtor’s data live.
  2. Our web portal is hosted on a secure site which safeguards your debtor’s important information.
  3. Data is stored online which prevents loss of data due to hard drive crashes, fire or theft.
  4. Centralised debtor management with multi-user access ensuring that your entire team is up to speed with any debtor changes.
  5. Increased flexibility and time saved on endless updates to existing schedules.

Our roll out project to our existing client base has already begun and we thank you for the great feedback and the amazingly positive future wish list.

We have kept the changes simple but if you would rather have someone take you through the steps, your contact is Cheri. Further, if you prefer face-to-face training, please let us know as we are planning our training schedule.

Your comments and suggestions are very important to us and we will endeavor to be flexible enough to accommodate your innovative suggestions in upgrades to come.