Automatic Collections

You can collect payment from your customer’s bank account every month. It doesn’t matter if it’s a fixed amount or varies from month to month. Don’t rely on your client to action payment; automate it!

Calendar Cellect Client Payments Automatcically


Easy to set up; easy to use

Sophisticated technology makes debit-order collection simple, giving you

  • Control of your cash flow
  • Effective, stress-free collections
  • Simplified systems
  • Minimised risk of bad debt

Find out more about secure, effective debit order collections.

Responsive Software Product Features


The Debit-order System

The single biggest reason for the business failure is negative cash flow. Discover how the Three Peaks debit-order system allows you to take control of your cash flow

  • Tailored to your business needs
  • Simple, secure and easy to use
  • Streamlined payment processes
  • Easy-to-understand reports 
  • Save time and money
  • Ideal for small and medium sized businesses

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