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Collect Debit Orders in your existing software.

Extend the functionality of your existing software with seamless Debit Orders.

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Three Peaks collects Debit Orders for a growing network of integration partners.

Why Choose Us?

Merchant Adoption.

In addition to providing ongoing cross-functional support, our partners benefit from our 20+ years of Debit Order expertise.

With that comes a deep understanding of how vendors can improve the customer experience and drive merchant adoption

Competitive Advantage.

Our Partnership team works with vendors to scope, manage, test and certify the most optimal integration process.

See why our clients love working with us.

Thank you to our clients for their loyalty and support – and their generous recommendations.

“We can rely on our money collected…”

As a result of implementing (Debit Order Collection Services), we have dramatically improved the management of our cash flow while reducing our financial stress.

Our business has been able to grow from strength to strength and a large part of this has been because we can rely on our money collected through the Three Peaks platform and the detailed reporting it provides.

“Lump sums coming into my account every month…”

We’ve been using Three Peak for the past eight years. In terms of rates I found that they were very affordable and it’s very reassuring to have those lump sums coming into my account every month.

They are very reliable and trustworthy and the nice thing about Three Peaks is that their debit order system is so flexible that I can change amounts of the debit orders every month. So thank you Three Peaks I will gladly refer to you any of my clients – as I do on a regular basis.

Alice Leah – Mums Mail Magazine

“Literally “saved” our business….”

Our banking institute were unable to offer us the service that we required nor the debit order collection facility that was necessary for us at the time.

Three Peaks loaded and facilitated the entire debit order run for KSS in 48 hours and literally “saved” our business.

Request a Sandbox.


Chat to us about what you have in mind for your software. Our partnerships team can guide your developers.


We have simplified the API process so that the build can be hassle free and sandbox testing is done in close conjunction with our API ninjas.


Our team will review your integration and help you go live. We want you processing so we’ll make sure you get there.
Nationwide reach, through a single integration.
The single biggest reason for business failure is negative cash flow.

By working with a National Debit Order provider who connects with all the major banks, you’ll be building a consistent product in every sector you serve.

So, if you’re looking for an engine to power your Debit Orders anywhere in South Africa, either for your own use as an API Customer or for your customers as an API Vendor, then tell us a bit about yourself below. Our Partners Team will be in contact to take you through the next steps.

Let’s get started!

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