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Get paid on time, with automatic debit order collection

Tired of chasing customers for payments? Our Debit Order System helps you easily collect money and future-proof your cash flow with scheduled, automated debit order collection services.

Automate your payment collections today!
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Trusted by over 500 businesses – big and small

Payment collection made easy
– no delay, no hassle.

Debit Order System
No more late payments

Do away with stress, loans and unnecessary overdrafts. Your invoices are paid on time every month without the hassle of chasing late payments.

Debit Order System
Save time, automate it!

It is easy to use our system and our personal customer service helps you save time by effectively automating money collection from debit order to debt collection.

Debit Order System
Control your cashflow

The Debit Order System we use lets YOU choose the dates to collect funds, certainly making you plan your business finances better.

See why our clients love working with us.

Thank you to our clients for their loyalty and support – and their generous recommendations.

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“Better price than the bank…”

I would like to thank Three Peaks for their great service in assisting us with getting the Debit Order Collection Service up and running for our clients. The fact is by the time the bank got back to us from investigating into if we would qualify for the facility everything was set up and ready and at a better price than the bank!! Thank you Three Peaks!

Debit Order System


“They pulled out all the stops.”

We have been using Three Peaks (to process our debit orders) for more than ten years now. At that time, we had two issues and both were my fault when I forgot to send the schedules through. They absolutely pulled out all the stops to get them through on the next run within the next day or so, just to help us. Very nice people.

Debit Order System

Mike Corke

“Outstanding communication…”

For the first time we have experienced reporting from our debit order collection provider, Thank You!

As to our experience so far; It is of high professional standards and outstanding communications between us and Three Peaks. We are without a doubt very happy clients!

Debit Order System



Debit Order System Features

Save time and boost your cashflow using Three Peak’s innovative features:

Debit Order Collection System

Ridiculously Simple

Our platform has been built with the busy user in mind so we don’t waste time with complex features. We provide a simple 1..2..3 process up-front and easy automation going forward.

Real-Time Reporting

Full visibility of your current and future cashflow throughout the month.

Secure Transactions

Most noteworthy, we will keep your accounts and sensitive information secure.

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If you have any other questions about Debit Order Collections, EFT payments, Credit Checks or Debt Collection please leave your details and we’ll get back to you shortly.

    Debit order collection services

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    Common FAQs

    How does the debit order collection process work?

    1. First and foremost when using our system, you will load the Debit Orders to be collected from your customers in 1..2..3 clicks.
    2. Thereafter our support team will guide you through the debtors’ setup process to ensure an absolutely smooth setup.
    3. Once submitted, wait and see your payments automatically collected.
    4. Finally, your up-to-date reporting will keep you in the loop throughout the process.

    Can I change a debit or debit order plan once it has been created?

    Provided your collection run hasn’t been submitted to the banks yet, you can easily cancel an existing debit order or remove your customer from the plan and add them to a new one. All this can be done from within your dashboard in seconds.

    Can I get history on my submissions on the portal?

    Yes, you can access a full debtor history from within your dashboard to better manage your cash flow.

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