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Protection of Personal Information Bill

By June 19, 2014January 3rd, 2016Articles

As you are likely aware, the Protection of Personal Information Bill aims to protect our right to privacy by introducing measures to regulate the collection, storage and distribution of personal information. It aims to do so while achieving a balance between a person’s right to privacy and other important societal interests and rights such as the right of access to information and the importance in today’s world of maintaining a free flow of information.

Protection of Personal Information BillThe Bill has a broad application and applies to the processing (which includes collection, storage, dissemination, etc.) of personal information by or on behalf of any “responsible party” which is defined as a public or private entity or any other person who, alone or in conjunction with others, determines the purpose of and means for processing personal information. 

Unfortunately, the more traditional data communication platforms, such as email and fax, have become increasingly vulnerable to breaches in data security. It is for this reason that Three Peaks, in line with this bill and the compliance that comes with it, are continuously working towards more effective methods of securing sensitive data. Our online portal, Debitsure Online, was designed with this in mind. A host of security measures have been implemented to ensure we that we meet with the aforementioned regulations. 

We designed our portal with an awareness that the day would come when we would no longer be permitted to receive sensitive information via traditional platforms. That day has indeed arrived as our Compliance Officers have requested that we discontinue the traditional email and fax platforms for receiving data by the 1st August 2014. All information beyond the cut-off will have to be submitted via our secure online portal. For most of our customers that already submit their data using the portal, this will obviously not affect you. For those that are still using email and/or fax, we must urge you to begin utilising the portal, which I have no doubt will pleasantly surprise you with its simplicity. Should you have concerns about using the portal then rest assured that we have support staff that can guide you step-by-step along the way. Please contact Cheri at our offices to begin submitting online. 

Reminder: We are no longer permitted to receive information via email or fax beyond the cut-off date 1st August 2014. 

We thank you for your assistance as always and we stand by our slogan to Secure Your Assets with Integrity and Innovation.