1. What bookkeeping software are you currently using?

 Not sure Pastel Xero Omni Quickbooks Other

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2. Do we do bad debt collection?

 Yes No What debt collection product? Call me!

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3. What are we doing right?

 Great system Smooth processing Great support Useful products All the above

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4. What annoys you about our service?

 Too much admin System doesn’t work Poor support Other I’m generally happy

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5. What is the “one” thing we could do to make things better for you?

 More payment products Enhanced data analytics Accounting system integration Other Not sure

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We understand your time is valuable so in return we are offering everyone who completes our survey a chance to win R2500 in shopping vouchers (T&Cs apply).

But hey, we have extended our deadline so you have until 30 November 2018 to share your views with us so get cracking.

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