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Testimonial: Russell van Gool | Three Peaks | Debit Order

By February 26, 2015February 5th, 2016Testimonials

Russell van Gool shares his testimonial on the Three Peaks Debitsure debit order product

Russell van Gool from Crossfit Blackheath, just here to tell you the ease of using Three Peaks for a debit order system.

I was often struggling with getting money from clients and their debit order system makes it very easy. It takes about 5 minutes of my time and about 1, 2, 3 clicks and we done the debit orders for the month.

Probably the simplest system on the market, self-manageable. I don’t need to contact anyone if I want to add people or take them off, its pretty much up to me whether I go with debits for 10 people, 30 people, 40 people – its all up to me.

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