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The BusinessFIT Initiative

By February 26, 2013January 3rd, 2016Articles

What started as an idea just over 18 months ago by the Three Peaks Group, with the launching of the Interactive Entrepreneurial Workshops, has now realised a further step through your suggestions and feedback and we thank you for this. 

Business-Fit-Icon-HomeBack then, we understood that entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of our economy. Thus, the initial intention was to connect like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners to a platform whereby these entrepreneurs could hear the “real stories” from actual business owners as they are walking the journey of successes and hard knocks and this proved to be a great success. 

This workshop platform has given speakers from all walks of life the opportunity to tell their story, how it started, how many times it almost ended, and why they stuck it out. After all the challenges, experiences and fluctuating emotions, these individuals are sometimes considered more fortunate or perhaps lucky which may be true in some ways but the story is never black and white. These workshops enhanced the opportunity for business owners to meet these true entrepreneurs in person, identifying that they too are “only human”, asking questions, debating, learning, growing or just settling on a feeling of “I am well on track” or “it’s a harder road than I imagined but I’m not alone”. 

However, people are always hungry for growth and new experiences so the question now from many of you is, “where do we go from here?” 

We came to notice that the stories shared an undercurrent that, for most, which is an emotion that comes tightly bundled with the entrepreneurial dream, and that’s our fear of failure. How do we take ourselves and our companies to the next level with the risk of the unknown always on the horizon? Our answer to you is, we need hands-on support and expertise on standby. Where there is success, there must be support, some guidance on what lies ahead or at the very least a lending ear. 

So, by collaborating with strong like-minded business associates, many of them speakers heard on our monthly platform, we have assembled such a support team. They are competent business professionals, recognised countrywide for their entrepreneurial expertise, who are closely aligned in their passion for business, all with a mission to invest time, skill and knowledge into viable enterprises at a reasonable fee . All have an ultimate desire to alleviate the unnecessary entrepreneurial failures by coming together, identifying the committed heroes that are trying to make a difference and remedying the “lonely road syndrome”. 

So, we would like to encourage you to “watch this space” for more on our newly launched BusinessFIT Initiative.      

Apart from the growth and satisfaction that we too will derive from the shared journeys with you, our goal is to make a difference in the lives and businesses of a few key entrepreneurs because we know this will inevitably lead to making a difference in a few more. 

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