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The fitness industry – a melting pot of innovation

By May 6, 2015January 3rd, 2016Articles

The fitness industry is currently a melting pot of innovation. Fitness and wellbeing is no longer merely a new years’ resolution but a prominent spoke in the wheel of life. People are passionate about looking after themselves and a host of exercise outlets are popping up on every corner eager to satisfy the demand. From commercial gyms to crossfit boxes, fight gyms to boot camps, and let’s not forget the odd yoga studio; options are a plenty & competition is fierce.

The fitness industry - a melting pot of innovationAssisting customers in this buzzing industry has been our forte for over 15 years now, and one observation that has become plainly obvious is that the outlets that are lasting are not necessarily the gyms with the most training expertise. The training expertise is obviously the draw card but the sustainability comes as a result of effectively managed back-office systems. Seamless back-office systems mean less admin staff, lower telephone and banking costs, and of course, more time to focus on the training.

One such system, while seemingly simple, is extremely effective – automated payments.

Implementing an automated payment plan with a reputable debit order service provider is as easy as 1, 2, 3 but the convenience it creates for your gym staff and your customers shouldn’t be overlooked. It drives sustainability through reliable cash flow.

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