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Testimonial: Themi Stergianos | Three Peaks | Debit Order Collection

By May 15, 2014February 5th, 2016Testimonials

Themi Stergianos shares his testimonial on Three Peaks’ debit order collection service.

Hi my name is Themi Stergianos; I’m a Business Coach based in Cape Town here in South Africa and I would like to share a short little testimonial on one of my service providers being Three Peaks.

Ryan and Debbie from Three Peaks have been doing my debit orders; that means running or facilitating the online payments of my clients for the last 5 years. I can say that working with them has been an absolute pleasure.

Like any company things go wrong, and this is what I like about them, when things do go wrong, they’re on top of it, they get back to you as soon as possible and I really like that about them.

I can vouch for their professionalism and their integrity, absolutely, no doubt about it.

So if you thinking of doing business with Ryan and Debbie from Three Peaks they definitely the company to consider.