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Why Three Peaks has Integrated With Xero

By February 1, 2022Articles

Since we started this blog, we’ve tried to bring you, our clients, our industry peers, and our employees, interesting and useful information. In this month’s edition, we want to talk a little more personally, about some changes that Three Peaks is going through, and our motivation for doing so. Rest assured, these changes mean more streamlined services for our customers, and we are pleased to invite you on this journey with us.

Three Peaks has integrated with Xero, the cloud-based accounting platform. We believe this will help us offer quicker, more streamlined debit order management services to our clients.

What is Xero?

Xero is a full-service, cloud-based suite of accounting software that caters especially to small businesses. It offers automated task management on a host of manual accounting tasks, and can be customised to suit an individual business’s needs.

Why did we choose Xero?

Simply, it enables our customers to more easily integrate their accounting processes with our debit order system, allowing you to quickly and easily manage your debit orders without having to manage two separate systems.

We believe that Xero offers the benchmark for cloud accounting, and provides the kind of client value that we at Three Peaks feel align with our own services. This software should make our clients’ lives easier and more efficient, period. 

How will our clients benefit?

Xero offers automation on a level that many of our clients have not yet experienced. It will make debit order management, from start to finish, faster, more accurate and more efficient.

In our previous blog, we discussed the automation trend in finance and accounting, and its importance to our industry. We recommend checking it out for a more detailed insight into automation.

Three Peaks offers debit order management to small businesses throughout South Africa. By automating and outsourcing your debit order management, you take the hassle out of collections, follow-ups, and failed payments, allowing you to focus on your business. We ensure all debit orders are processed on time and accurately, keeping your cash flow steady and your business running.