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Women’s Month – Finance Advice

By July 5, 2011February 5th, 2016Articles

Stay in Control of Your Finances and Your Life

financial-advise-for-women2With all the negativity surrounding the financial economy, how do you stay positive? Are you affected by the constant negative media of disappearing jobs, countless advertisements on debt counseling, your depressed work colleague who constantly complains about petrol price increases, never mind your friends that are now trying to sell the homes they could not afford in the first place?

Well, this could be you, unless you plan ahead, think positive, stay within your budget, and ultimately focus on building ‘wealth creation’? This sounds like ‘pie in the sky’ but is it really? 

Ladies, the time has come where you hopefully are not leaving budget control or your financial planning to your partner or someone else. Unfortunately, the stories of the women being left high and dry are still common, so the time is now – no more excuses. Start thinking intelligently when it comes to your finances and make decisions based on where you wish to be, what you want to do, and the needs for your family.

There is nothing wrong with working together with your spouse/partner. However, women around the world are now seeing that they must take control of or take part in the management of their personal finances. Life has changed and one of the areas of balancing your life is seeing that you are in charge and working towards an end goal of personal and professional freedom.

So face facts – times are tough but you are in control. There are many books, articles and professionals who can help you learn and grow in this area. If you are in your own business, the discipline starts with you and this is key to your success. No matter how good you are, how much better the product is than others; with no money, you are not in business.

financial-advice-for-womenMy advice? Start the month with a budget for your personal and business cash flow. Read these ‘Top 10 Budgeting Tips’, which pinpoint some workable points to help you make some changes and be part of the small percentage of women who are making their personal budget work for them, whether they need to increase their monthly cash flow or reduce their expenses.

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