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Get your Xero invoices paid on time

Automate payments by debit order

Three Peaks and Xero

Discover our easy-to-use debit order system for business

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Fully automated collection and receipting.


Personal one-on-one support

Turn your long hours into invoices paid.

Simplify your process, use our system to your advantage, focus on what you do best

Debit order collection services
Debit Order System

No more late payments

Do away with stress, loans and unnecessary overdrafts. Your invoices are paid on time every month without the hassle of chasing late payments.

Debit Order System

Save time, automate it!

It is easy to use our system and our personal customer service helps you save time by effectively automating money collection from debit order to debt collection.

Debit Order System

Control your cashflow

The Debit Order System we use lets YOU choose the dates to collect funds, certainly making you plan your business finances better.