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“You Said It!” Duma Tactical

By November 17, 2023February 22nd, 2024Articles

At Three Peaks, we’re committed to offering of clients all industries, with business solutions that simplify their lives. You can forget about the hassle of late payments because we strive in getting you paid on time and our system easily integrates with your current software.

With more than 60 years of experience in the security sector, Duma Tactical has brought together the finest aspects of close protection, vehicle tracking, armed response, and public space monitoring to create a bespoke solution that specifically tackles the crime concerns that South Africa faces. Motivated by this customized solution, Duma Tactical is confident in saying that if you sign up with them, you and your loved ones will have the best defence against criminals and, in the event of a break-in, the best chance of an arrest with your belongings returned. Head over to their website to find out more info on how Duma Tactical could help you

What was your biggest challenge prior to using the Three Peaks’ system to collect your payments?

The previous system we used had absorbent rates and was not user friendly.

How did that challenge make you feel?

The admin side of it was a nightmare.”

What specific results can you share since using Three Peaks?

“Since switching to Three peaks we have had no issues with administration and tracking debit transactions.”

What would you say to somebody on the  fence about working with us?

Just go for it! You will have no regrets! The team is always there to help with their amazing customer service.”

Why did you choose our service specifically amongst others?

“We shopped around for months and compared numerous companies and holistically Three Peaks  came out on top for most metrics.”

How smooth was the implementation stage/Did the delivery meet your expectations?

“It was so many years ago but to my memory it was absolutely seamless.”

Any additional comments/feedback?

“We have had a great relationship over the years and Three Peaks has always gone above and beyond to assist us with any issues we’ve had. I would not even consider going anywhere else.”