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“You Said It!” CrossFit 360 Vida

By November 24, 2023February 22nd, 2024Articles

Three Peaks is dedicated to providing clients across all sectors with business solutions that make their lives easier. You can forget about the headache of late payments because we ensure that you are paid on time! Our system integrates directly with your existing software.

CrossFit is a very efficient and effective method of getting into world-class shape. High-intensity movements are performed in a group setting, a fun, friendly boot camp environment with weights. CrossFit is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Our members range from peak-performance athletes to middle-aged men and women to desk jockeys with hardly enough hand-eye coordination to handle a mouse. In short, CrossFit is for you if you care about your health, want to get fitter/stronger/faster, or just want to look better naked!

What was your biggest challenge prior to using the Three Peaks’ system to collect your payments?

How did that challenge make you feel?

“In my view, the bank’s platform is not designed for SME’s. They require substantial security, and the banking/platform costs are much higher than normal banking costs for businesses. Tech support is slow and issues are not resolved at the speed and pace SME’s require.”

What specific results can you share since using Three Peaks?

“Ease of use, easy to maintain, personal customer relationship, always available team.”

What would you say to somebody on the  fence about working with us?

“Three Peaks provides a tailor made, personal relationship and experience for our financial needs. The team is always available to assist, and knowledgeable about their products and tech aspects. The online platform is extremely user friendly, and the ease of use from an admin point of view is a massive plus! The tech support is immediate and of a very high standard.”

Why did you choose our service specifically amongst others?

“Three Peaks integrates seamlessly with the main online business platforms that we use. (Octiv). The inter-platform synergies and industry footprint gave them the upper hand in our planning and decisions.”

How smooth was the implementation stage/Did the delivery meet your expectations?

“The implementation of the system is straight forward and without any hassles. The process gives me (the client) a good sense of control and understanding of the process. After the implementation the maintenance on the system is extremely user friendly and easy to update and use.”